Monday, March 21, 2011

The Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are the best excuse for good food and good friends. Above I am enjoying a Wedge Porter cupcake with green tea icing From Short Street Cakes along with a Wedge Brewery Iron Rail IPA.

Yum! Julie got me the delicious cupcakes and my sweet Boyfriend got me the beer. Day one of Birthday extravaganza was made up of skipping class, lunch at Sunny Point Cafe, second lunch at 12bones, shopping at Minx and Virtue with the ladies, Beer and Cupcakes at the Wedge, Dinner at Boca and Drinks at Mela and the Thirsty Monk. GOTTA LOVE ASHEVILLE....P.s. cant nobody say I am not doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Saturday a crew of amazing folks went climbing at the North Side of Looking glass, then attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Brevard. The film festival was inspiring as always yet the selected films were a bit disapointing in the female representation department. Lets show em whats up gals!
On Sunday we climbed some rocks at rumbling bald. Then I rushed home to make a batch of honey lavender cupcakes for ladies night on Monday (post soon to come) and get ready for an evening out with the girls.
The plan was to go to Zambra for tapas and drinks and then to Hot springs for a soak in the mineral baths. We didn't quite make it to hot springs which was ok because dinner was delightful and we didn't want to rush the quality food time. I am so blessed to have a solid group of women as friends. They all rock! They all climb and/or paddle their hearts out and give their all to their communities, meanwhile remembering to have fun and eat well. Love em.

My Boyfriend called this birthday the birthday of cupcakes, he got me two cupcake cookbooks to go with the basket of cupcake decorating goodies my sister got me. So yeah, the people I love are feeding my obsession, and I appreciate them for it. I think they anticipate the secondary benefits. Which who can blame 'em?

I wanna thank Scott, Julie Springstien, Julie Hwang, Daniela, West, Walt, Courtney, Shilpa, Travis, Becca, Ari, Sarah Kate, Mom, Dad, and Loren for making my birthday so wonderful. Lets do it again for your birthdays!

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