Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock Crushing

After Ladies Climb Night Tonight with it's Mardi Gras Masquerade theme and corresponding cupcakes, I will awake early tomorrow morning, load up the car and head to the Red River Gorge with my friend Julie.

We plan on climbing some of this:

And eating Some of This:

While Drinking a few of these:

At this place:

So from Tuesday til Sunday this is where I will be happily residing. there may not be many posts this week about cupcakes. But you can count on some crushing. WELL LETS HOPE. The Red has a tendency to crush my climbing hopes and dreams, and yet it is still a blast every single time. The rock there is super steep with everything from huge jugs, to tiny crimpers, to mono pockets, to slopers, to perfect hand cracks.

I am looking forward to sport climbing. This winter I have been slowly recovering from a brutal ankle sprain sustained at the third tier of the triple crown bouldering competition in December. I am hoping that overhanging sport routes will go easy on my ankle, and that any falls will be clean ones. Bouldering is harsh on a recovering ankle, and also doesn't do much for the endurance training needed for Red River Gorge Routes.

Regardless of how the climbing goes I am excited to spend time sleeping on the ground, laughing around a fire with good people, eating the worlds best pizza, drinking Ale 8 with bourbon, and obsessively talking about crushing rocks until our hands sweat at the thought of sending our projects.

Wish us luck!


  1. There will be cupcakes, or cake at least. Because you get to see your wonderful sister and mother and have a mini birthday celebration :) Looking forward to spending a day with you!

  2. Yay!! Well we will just have to post some photos of this celebration then! I will bring my camera!

  3. nice post! super psyched. Also, I like the spacing between the paragraphs! it is way more readable that way.

  4. Super excited to see your trip report from the red...also to hear about the great detail I hope...

    keep crushing!!