Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to 'Ol Kentuck

Julie picked me up early and we were off to the Red River Gorge. We arrived in the gorge around one in the afternoon and decided to head to Military Wall for our first afternoon of climbing. After hopping on some warm ups (There really is no such thing in the RRG...even 5.9's make you pumped) We hopped on a route called Fuzzy Undercling, a classic 5.11b with a bouldery start followed by fun easy climbing on steep over hanging jugs. Forgive the climber jargon, maybe I will come up with a glossary of terms at a later date. We decided to run some laps on Fuzzy until our arms were too full of lactic acid to hold on to even the biggest jugs. (Climbing holds not boobs)

The real fun on Tuesday began when we stopped by Miguel's Pizza to see the RRG gang of local climbers. Julie and I were invited to a party that night. Basically all that needs to be said about this party was that we drank the entire 5th of Makers that we had bought for the week, by the end of the night, not to mention many rounds of home brewed beers. These beverages disappeared as we talked trash and told stories of climbing epics, failures, and successes around a bonfire fueled by an old dresser. Oh how I love Kentucky.

We woke up in our sopping wet tents in the pouring rain and all kinds of hungover. Slowly we stirred and decided that climbing would not be the ideal activity for the day. We split a cold slice of pizza and some coffee and decided to head to Louisville for a rest day. My family lives in Louisville and provided a warm, dry place to stay, with the added bonus of my mothers exceptional cooking. When we walked in the door the first thing we smelled was freshly baked cookies. (I guess I got the baking bug from my mom)

After breakfast at a funky little breakfast place called Wild Eggs in Louisville with My dad and his partner Amy, we were on our way back to the attempt to climb in the rain.
We did get some climbing in at Roadside crag, where Julie fell in love with her new climbing project: Roshampo. Later we met up with friends Walt and West and set up camp, Oh yeah thats when it started SNOWING!

An inch of snow covered the ground at Lago Linda's campground but finally the sun was shining and we could tell that it would be a beautiful crisp day. My mom and sister came down in the afternoon and met up with us at Roadside. I put up a 5.9 for Sarah to climb and she totally CRUSHED it. THEN I belayed Julie on her project. She really gave it everything and pushed herself to the point where she took a pretty scary whipper. This is one of the most committing things you can do in rock climbing, so although it was scary, it was a proud moment. Comfort zones were pushed and climbing progress was made. Way to go for it Julie!

We spent the evening at Miguel's indulging in the best pizza in Kentucky, drinking copious amounts of Ale 8 (local ginger ale), eating yummy CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH STRAWBERRY BUTTERCREAM ICING, and opening presents. We were celebrating my 26th birthday. It was a blast to be in one of my favorite places with good friends, family, and food. What more could a girl ask for?

Speaking of Presents~ Remember that post I wrote before about not having the right baking tools? Well you should see the cupcake decorating basket my mom and sister put together for me! It is amazing! How fun and thoughtful!

We climbed at drive by crag and the Bob Marley wall. The first wall hosts my least favorite climb EVER. A so called classic 10.c called breakfast burrito. All I have to say is TERRIFYING.
The Bob Marley wall may be a new favorite. Super steep and juggy 5.11s and 5.12s. Can't wait to get back there again.

We climbed at the Chocolate factory (I thought this was an appropriate name considering my interests in sweets and climbing) Then we said our goodbye's to our friends in the RRG and began the drive back to Asheville.

It was an amazing spring break. I can't stop thinking about when I will be able to get back to the RRG. Now I have to transition back to daily life of school, work, climbing, and cupcakes. I guess that doesn't sound too bad. I am a lucky girl. I have amazing people in my life. And my life is full of adventure, challenge, and great food.


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