Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keepin it Simple

So I have zero budget for baking, I do it cause its fun, but man, it can get expensive if you want to get creative and do it right. I mean just the botched nutella olive oil experiment was a blow to the wallet.

Not only do I have no money with which to get super fancy, I also lack the proper equipment for truly extravagant baking. I have been using a ziplock bag with the corner cut off for the icing piping. Classy I know. My roomie is nice enough to let me use her wonderful kitchenaid stand mixer, which I have fallen in love with and don't know what I will do if she ever moves out. She also has been kind enough to overlook the kitchen covered in confectioners sugar on a bi-weekly basis.

Slowly but surely I am acquiring cupcake tins of my own and just as quickly going through cupcake liners, sprinkles, and food coloring. I visited this amazing shop in downtown Asheville the other day to stock up on little plastic babies for my king cake cupcakes. "Bake it Pretty" had all the things one needs to NOT keep it simple. I have to admit I was smitten. There were so many exciting and colorful decorations. I had to invest in hot pink edible glitter. I mean how could I not.

For the time being I will be keeping it simple in the kitchen, while dreaming of piping, glitter, and fancy pastry gadgets.

This week I will be dreaming about one day having one of these of my own:
Oh and some of these:
And maybe a few of these:

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